I'm just experimenting. I hate the word "blog" and am fascinated with how the net seems to nurture *everyone's* vanity.

I appreciate the value of a refit as part of getting ready for release, but the change to a black background for the forums is awful, at least for readability.

The new home page looks sharper and the black is OK there because it isn't a big reading thing. But please, please, please tweak this tweak so we don't have to read white on black forum threads for the game's life cycle.

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on Aug 04, 2010

Much, much better than the light gray text for posts I was getting eye strain, maybe my stigmatism, not sure. I had resorted to going to http://forums.stardock.com/forum/511 for elemental stuff.

on Aug 04, 2010

It's definitely looking better, thanks for the hard work.

on Aug 04, 2010

It's less painfull (but still ) I'll stick with NoSquint