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I've had my Vista box since too soon after the bits went gold and have diligently kept it updated. Why is it that I am still seeing very inconsistent (or no) reliablity when I use the 'new and improved' search function?

I still have no real idea whether searches have ever been accurate on this box. I often need to search several tens or hundreds of files in a subfolder set for strings like "Feature X" and I need both filename matches and text content matches. When the set I'm working with is small enough, I rarely notice failures to match filenames, but I'm never really sure that I've caught all the text content I need.

When I see a results list that shows maybe two hits for "Feature X" for a search that I started from a parent folder with a half-dozen files whose names include "Feature X" and ten subfolders that have at least a few other files discussing the feature, I have a serious concern that Vista search is still as broken as it sounds in the old chatter I can find quickly on the web.

At this point, I'd actually pay a small fee to be able to regain the clean, reliable Find dialog box. I'd bitch endlessly to folks who can appreciate the grip about needing to do it, but dammit, I need to be confident that my PC can find both filename matches and text content matches.

on May 11, 2009

1. Click you Start Menu button.

2. In the Start Search area, type the word "Index" without the quotations.

3. Wait a second and then click "Indexing Options."

4. Click Modify.

5. Add all Hard Drives that apply.

6. Hit Okay, then click Advanced.

7. Go through the list and check all. Beneath that, check the option for Indexing Properties and File Contents.

8. Click the Index Settings Tab.

9. Click Rebuild. Then Okay all those Windows shut. You can leave your computer on for a few hours (depends how big your HDD is) while your machine Index's and use it as you'd like. This will help when searching for files.

Hope this helps you with your problem.

on May 12, 2009

...Hope this helps you with your problem.

I've done that in the past and had foolishly trusted that my indexing settings were stable. Apparently something caused a couple of my non-Vista-style folder paths to get dropped, and probably some other stuff too because I can't use the search box on Start to find Indexing Options, so I used Control Panel.

Still, shouldn't an advanced search set to include non-indexed files work? I've been getting wonky responses from that also.

And I'd still love to hear from anyone who knows how to get a nice clean GUI to use instead of this craptastic Vista interface. I don't know how much I'd pay, but maybe over 20 bucks. Just for that little ole Find dialog...

on May 12, 2009

If you're referring to the old Vista search feature, I apologize as I know of no program to bring that back. As for how the Vista Search works, by default, it directs you to the indexed locations first and foremost. When I run a search on a specific file, I usually recommend going towards the folder you last recall, setting the computer into advanced search, choosing non-indexed locations as well, and then searching.


As for the GUI, if you're referring to the general appearance of Vista. If you want to remove Aero and go back to the classic Windows view.

1. Right click your start menu.

2. Properties.

3. Start Menu Tab.

4. Ceck in classic Start Menu.

5. Click Okay.

6. Right click Desktop.

7. Properties.

8. Windows Color and Appearance.

9. Open Classic Appearance Properties.

10. Choose Windows Classic.

That should be it for the classic appearance. I'm quite fond of Aero and such.

on May 12, 2009

Mixairian, something makes me suspect you work in support or are one of those friends who help others out with their PC mess. I'm more or less one of the latter and really appreciate seeing volunteer work online.

I'm going to try a full rebuild of my index as soon as I can leave the box by itself for several hours, but I'm not at all pleased with the fact that I need to go to all this bother when indexing was supposedly on by default and working in the background to keep itself updated.

The index dependency is really what I'm griping about when I pine for the old Find dialog, not the stupid candy-coating slopped on top of Vista. The latter's a minor gripe by comparison, and the 'classic' setting is just an ugly attempt at compromise that seems designed to stick a finger in the eye of folks who dislike UI change for change's sake.

I really just want to be able to point a find command at the top level of a folder tree and have it reliably search only that tree. I have just about zero trust in the "include non-indexed" setting for advanced searches in Vista. I've seen too many instances of it flat not working, at least on this supposedly clean and updated box of mine.

on May 12, 2009

To confirm your suspicions, both.

I've used Vista since launch as well and have always liked it. Whenever I can help someone else transition, I do what I can. Many people are avoiding it entirely and I'm urging them not to do that as Windows 7 is a veritable clone of Vista, simply with improvements.

I will agree there are flaws in the Vista's search feature but the indexing will help speed up the process considerably. If I come across a better search function I will post the link for it.

On the note of hearsay but never tried, Google's desktop bar may have an integrated search function that may allow you to index your files for searching. If you're not worried about Big Brother Google, I may recommend trying that out.

on May 12, 2009

Thanks, Mix. I tried an early version of Google Desktop, and it had some aspects I liked much better than the Vista search UI, but the Big Brother aspect of it made me uninstall rather quickly. Me & the Google folks have some differences on whether they live up to that "Don't be evil" thing.

on May 12, 2009

Anytime. I'm cool with evil as long as it's in moderation... And works heavily in my favor.