I'm just experimenting. I hate the word "blog" and am fascinated with how the net seems to nurture *everyone's* vanity.

I've been working from home for several years now, but I've been sitting on the same cheap task chair that my mom bought me when I started my full-time undergrad studies back in 1991. The pneumatic thingy that keeps my overweight derriere in the air is starting to fail, the thing never had ergonomic features worth the name, and, most importantly, I finally have the capital to make my first serious investment in my home workspace.

I've admired Aeron chairs since they came out, but mostly for the custom-fit options and the mesh; the brand still seems to add too much to the cost for the use value of the darned things. I want a mesh back because I live in Florida and am tight-fisted about A/C--breathability seems almost as important in a work chair as it is in underwear. I want strong ergonomics, but I also like to tuck one leg up on my chair seat for a while now and then, so maybe Aeron-type chairs are to "disicplined" a design for someone like me.

Any chance this mess-o'-online-communities has some folks who've shopped hard in this area and are willing to share the wisdom? I didn't find much canned help in my first round of rooting the web on the subject.

on Nov 19, 2008

Well, the cheap old chair is dying fast. I really want to spend a few hundred dollars on something that will sit well and last for quite a few years. Just some lines about brands you hated or liked would be a big help. Or even a link to a decent online review collection--I can't seem to find anything substantial in that area, just spot-pieces and catalog chatter.

My friends and I just don't shop much. Any help would be much appreciated.

on Nov 19, 2008

If your looking for a nice chair the Aeron is one of the best. I have 2 my self one at home and one at work. I also have a Mirra which is the slightly cheeper version of the Aeron. Its nice and I bet if you do some looking around you can find the Aeron or the Mirra for a good price. On a side note if you are looking at geting one of these be carfull they come in all diffrent sizes. Size A,B,C,D,E,F I beleave A is the smallest and F is the Largets. There are allso ones that extend a lot higher like bar stoll size so just pay attention to the dimentions if buying online.





on Nov 19, 2008

Thank God I use my air conditioning, I don't like sitting in those meshed back chairs.  I'll take this cheap back supporting leather chair with the adjustable hight.

on Nov 19, 2008

There was an article on Coding Horror back in July about office chairs. There was a lot of good recommendations in the comments.

on Nov 19, 2008

I bought a herman miller aeron chair for my office.  Best money I ever spent.  Yes, they are expensive, but I have had the chair for 3.5 years now, used 6 days a week, approx. 8-10 hrs per day.  No problems, ever. 

I would never work in an office without one.

Just my input.

on Nov 20, 2008

There was an article on Coding Horror back in July about office chairs. There was a lot of good recommendations in the comments.

Thanks much for the link--that's a much more helpful piece than the ones I checked on round 1 of my hunt.

So, the only personal Aeron hits here are endorsements, and the Coding Horror writer is really happy with his newer-model Herman Miller Mirra. That piece also sold me on my conviction that I needed to think "amortized cost" and "how much are you in the dratted thing?" when I balk at spending more on a chair than I have so far on any single piece of my home entertainmaint gear (older PCs excluded).

I'm surprised to find that my humble county actually has a local Aeron dealer (who also carry a few other brands) and they have a modest showroom, so I can both test-sit a bit and maybe do my spending locally. It also turns out that there's an even newer Herman Miller flavor coming out in the first week of December, if anyone reading around here is also near a serious computing chair purchase.

on Nov 24, 2008

You can try and hagle them on the price too. I got my Aeron's for I think it was $500 but I live like 2 miles from there Herman Miller Corp. Office. So I just go to there store and they have a lot of used/little scrach discount stuff. Its rediculas how much they take off for a little scrach about 1/4 inch long that is on the underside of the chair. I also have done contracted work for them. I tell you what they have to have some of the coolest offices.

on Mar 31, 2009

I just wanted to type another thanks for the replies, this time from my sweet new Aeron. I did indeed save some money with a bit of haggling, although I couldn't get them down as low as Twistedpimp. Gainesville, FL, is a long way from Zeeland, MI.

My crappy old task chair actually died of metal fatigue about 48 hours after I finally put in the Aeron order. Its last gasps of life had left me unconsciously being *very* unergonomic at my workstation for several weeks, and after it died I had almost a fortnight where I had to use a straight-back wooden chair with a wee cushion. My lower back is practically singing with relief as I type. The newer X-shaped lumbar thingie is totally worth the extra few bucks.